a beautiful, big eyed female with alot of kindness and better then alot of females i know. she s outstanding and knows how to make me feel better. i love her soo much nd she means alot to me =] <3 wait remember she is also pretty nd nice nd sweet nd caring nd loving!
priscilla: gordita pero bonita
by man doggy January 11, 2009
A Priscilla will drive you crazy, making you think of ways to keep her attention. Priscilla has eyes as endless as the Ocean and a smile that lights up your life. Priscilla has a scent which stays with you until you see her again. She will always be the center of attention. Priscilla wants a man who is confident, and secure of himself. She loves the outdoor, loves danger and adventure. You don't find a Priscilla, she selects you, if you were lucky enough to get picked, good luck keeping her.

Priscilla is what God placed on earth to remind us humans what Goddess look like.
by MickeyMouse1 February 11, 2010
priscilla- is a beautiful loving person you'll ever meet. she is a brown eyed girl that could just steal you heart when she looks at you. she is a stronge girl so you woukdn,t wanna get on he bad side. she,ll do any thing for her friends and i mean any thing. she found the love of her life 4 months ago and they've been together even sence. so that means if you get her she'll be with you for a long time. if you care for her, like her mostly for her and not her body, don't treat her like she means nothing, and loves her to death then shes all yours!
i love that girl named priscilla!
by cilla babyy January 13, 2010
A truly wonderful girl who knows what exactly to say at the right times to make you smile and laugh. Very out going and full of energy. There's never a dull moment around her. Loving, caring, and all around amazing. Spontaniously gorgeous. She's like a puzzle and you got to have the time and patients to put her together. She's well worth your time :) If you met a Priscilla, don't let her out of your sight..
Guess what guys!? I met this crumsnacher named Priscilla! She's pretty cool! :)
by CRUMSNACHER2 December 12, 2010
an amazing girl. often hard to understand but if you get to know her she is great. she is hard to get over and is always there to talk. she is beautiful but doesn't believe it herself.
She amazing, but she sends mixed signals that Priscilla
by biggahbaslut November 07, 2010
A great friend and you will never forget her. She is confident, even through her struggles, she never wants to give up she always keeps going. Priscilla is a great person, judge her she doesn't care, make fun of her she may care but keeps walking on, if she falls down she will get right back up. She will fight for what she wants. She is a perfect person, she has a great personality, she goes through a lot but she always gets stronger from everything. She is a beautiful person. She is a great friend and you won't ever forget her, you can't leave her, she will always be there for you and you should be the same way for her.
--That girl is such a priscilla--

--I need to know her, she is such a priscilla--
by BeyondtheInfinity November 18, 2013
The peak, maximum point or climax of something.
The Priscilla of the afternoon was marked by the dropping of Moriarty's trousers.
by JJ Grundy-Alferthow February 05, 2010

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