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An album released by the band Butt Trumpet in 1994. Also a song on the same album. The song has strong overtones of buttsecks.

Lineup on the album consists of:
1. Clusterfuck
2. Funeral Crashing Tonight
3. I've Been So Mad Latelu
4. DICKTatorship
5. Classic Asshole
6. Decapitated
7. Dead Dogs
8. I Left My Flannel in Seattle
9. I'm Ugly and I don't know why
10. The Grindcore Song
11. Primitive Enema
12. I Left My Gun In San Fransisco
13. Shutup
14. Ten Seconds of Heaven
15. Yesterday
16. Ode to Dickhead
17. Pink Gun
18. Blind
Chick:I need a primitive enema.
d00d: I'm up for it.
by DieHippieDie November 05, 2007
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