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defining a bunch of white kids who talk like black people and got each others backs if something happens. they all refer to themselves as pride nuggets. instead of saying hello or hi they say pride. typically a pride nugget group has a pride bitch or a bitch nugget. the pride nugget is a word derived from ancient cave paintings found in current day Ethiopia and was first used by mpasini. - CDRIZZLE
Hey pride nugget.

We got each others, you my pride nugget, right?
by CDRIZZLEPRIDE April 17, 2011
A group of queer white kids who talk like they are black kids. The term was created by an ethiopian pedophile named mpasini and his pet cdrizzle.
Pride nugget 1: Yo pride nuggets wazzup homie?
Pride nugget 2: Nothing much dawg I'm just being a queer fruitcake.
Pride nugget 3: Me too!! I wish i was as awesome as chili
by DR. CHILLZ (PHD) July 20, 2011

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