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Similar to that other dudes....a girl that gets ya all worked up and says shes gonna meet up and do stuff....but when push comes to shove....she has to do "other stuff" or she isnt "allowed" or she is "grounded"...and the dude who keeps falling for her antics is an idiot....
That Leigh chick is a real prick tease.
by Nick September 03, 2003
A clothed female who'll watch you strip and masturbate but won't watch you ejaculate. She shapes her hand as if it's round your prick and makes a wanking motion with her wrist. She pouts and looks at your balls bouncing and the blur of your fingers and foreskin over your knob. She knows when you are about to cum and averts her eyes or wanders off. Sometimes she counts you down and then stops just before you reach the point of no return and keeps you masturbating on the edge until she finally gets bored with and leaves you throbbing.
It was her custom to prick tease the stripper so that he would wank for her but she would never get him to cum for her.
by Stripurbator January 27, 2008