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bag of pricks, wholly emobodied in prickness, acting like or resembling a prick (not necessarily in a satchel), closely related to a jagoff or Pittsburg jagoff
"Yeah, so the guy says to me, 'I don't care if you shoveled this spot, I'm parking here.' So I says, 'listen you fucking prick bag, if you wanna be lookin' outta your asshole for the rest of your life, go ahead... park here. If not, shovel your own fucking spot and park there"
by josh99 January 16, 2009
Usually given to a person who is arrogant, self centred and an all round prick.
I was speaking to Dave the other day, he's such a prickbag.

Prick Twat
by sammydasalmon February 11, 2013

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