Top Definition
ejaculation of semen
Man, I don't even wanna have sex with her i just wanna prft on her face.
by Bobby Millers April 21, 2006
Term used to describe the unsatiable desire of a forced cumshot.
"Gringo over there be prftin to that Debra LaFave."
by pappylepew October 02, 2006
Acronym: Please Refrain From Testing.

Semi-humourous British equivalent of the American message-board phrase: Do Not Test! / Do Never Test!
"Well, my sepp friend, I think you'll find World War II began in 1939 and you were late for the first one too. Meet me at the corner of St James's and Pall Mall. Bring a baggie for your teeth. PRFT. God Save The Queen."
by Ed Jerbets September 18, 2006

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