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an extra cute way to say please. No man can say no to a "pretty please".
Girl: can you please paint my toenails?
Boy: fuck no
Girl: (pouty-lipped) pretty please?
Boy: gimme the damn polish
by browngirl March 02, 2007
1. n. An email or personal request for assistance with a task, especially expedited assistance. 2. v. To make or send such a request.
Jeb sent me a prettyplease asking if I'd help him bury his wife before the sheriff found out.

I prettypleased Zylphia to move our order to the head of the line.
by delusionary March 11, 2010
An irresistible way for a girl to say please. Also featured in a pornographic movie between Lexi Belle and her fictitious sugar daddy.
Lexi Belle: "Pretty please daddy, cum in my mouth!"
by Urban Jerk April 11, 2011
An ugly person. Usually refering to a female.
You: "Did you see Sarah's new look? I think she is so pretty with shorter hair."

Me: "Pretty Please. She looks like a 12 year old boy with that hair style. In fact, it looks like a 12 year old boy styled her hair."
by One Rho March 22, 2008