preppy clothes like hollister, abercrombie & fitch, and/or american eagle. hey wear tight pants, wear eyeliner, and paint their fingernails black. some also have a scene or emo haircut. so its basically a preppy kid and an emo kid all mixed up. they are myspace whores but they're nice to everyone, mostly. usually, they don't care what people think about them. and some do drugs, and some dont. it's their choice. most emo kids aren't into death, hate, or torture..but if you do one little thing to piss them off...they can be. some premo kids are actually really fun to be around. only a few have a good personality and are always hanging out with friends, laughing and having fun. they usually don't care if they get in trouble and are always wanting to do wrong things, and are very sneaky about it. most people hate on them, but like i said, they don't care what they think about them. or they take up for themselfs. and they can hide alot of things.
girl: d00d, you're such a premo!
boy: premo!?
girl: yeah, premo(preppy emo)! xD
by xkelsie December 06, 2007
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