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The kind of people that have PERFECT noses and "APE" eyes with brown (ewww) things under their eyelids. They also are in training of the powerstance (which is sticking your butt out with your chest out too and your hands and legs wide open). The most important quality of a premature rat....are rat teeth indeed. They must be perfect rectangular, two little mmm's that are sticking out and when you lift your face up, they show, and the brown things under your eyelids show and your eyes also pop out more, like I'm going to eat you bulls. But, the most important part of the rat teeth position, is your nose still taking it's posture .
A very special shoutout to the rat master of all rat worlds, WILLARD!, taking his home in St. Barts Church's sewers. He has perfect rat teeth position and also the most graceful ape eyes in the world. His rat teeth are like MMM I WANT TO EAT THE LITTLE CORN! (w/ pishbulls accent)
by BoyBee June 08, 2005
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