1. to piss yourself while running to the restroom, usu. after holding it for several hours.
We were stuck in traffic for hours, so when we got home I was running for the restroom when I had a premature evacuation right in my pants.
by Surly Steamroller October 24, 2007
Top Definition
Getting caught while sneaking away after a one night stand.
Alternate: an early post-sex exit, i.e. before your partner is deep asleep.
He hooked up with some girl last night and got busted for a premature evacuation.
by csepulv September 20, 2007
Leaving any social situation with the quickness, without notifyng anyone involved
When Ray-J went to E-rocks house to hang and get some grub on, once she saw what he was cookin she rolled right back out the door without sayin a word. She pulled a premature evacuation.
by The Rev. Ned January 06, 2010
When during butt sex, the person that is receiving accidentally poops before the sex is over.
I was doing Becky in the butt, when she had a little case of premature evacuation.
by pauly dee July 25, 2010
Having to get off the toilet faster than desired because one of your young children has to use the potty.
I was a victim of premature evacuation because Timmy needed to use the potty.
by Daddydef February 20, 2015
When you think about going to the toilet and you shit your pants
Man that new toilet is comfortable, its got all the latest nobs and dials.... dear lord i think i just filled my barrel fronts with the devils fudge...DAMN you premature evacuation
by bennycnz June 20, 2010
The premature expulsion of faeces in a non-lavatorial environment. Often occurs in people who are turtling for a length of time.
John and Cindy were engaged in a passionate embrace. Temperatures were rising and passions growing, until the moment was completely ruined by John's obvious premature evacuation.
by Poomoj September 09, 2013
Accidentally exiting the elevator on the wrong floor.
Woops! I need the fifth floor! I almost suffered a premature evacuation!
by comaboy1971 January 02, 2012
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