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Re-imagining a popular modern-day film as if it were filmed in the past. Created and popularized by youtube user "whoiseyevan".
I didn't know Ghostbusters was created in the 50s.

No, dude. It wasn't. You're thinking about the premake.
by Beaglejuice October 05, 2009
41 51
the original version of a song that another band has made a remake of, often used in a sarcastic manner
My friend told me "Live and Let Die" was his favorite Guns-N-Roses song, he seemed suprised when I told him Paul McCartney had done a premake of that song.
by Mr.Juan-derful September 20, 2010
5036 1714
All the tunes on Metallica's Garage Inc. records
I betcha didn' know Breadfan from Metallica's Garage Inc Vol. II was actually a premake by a band called Budgie?
by Der Gelb Baron October 18, 2010
222 27
The original movie/film that a remake is based on, especially when the original is more obscure and less widely-seen.
The premake of 'The Grudge' is 'Ju-on: The Grudge'.
by Fleurs de Mal November 22, 2004
97 28

The premature departure of the tip of ones turd or Make

Premake peeks out of the ass just prior to a complete evacuation of the bowels. It combines extreme Urgency with One's need to Make.

Premake is variation of the expression To Make, which is the same as saying Go #2 or take a dump or drop a deuce or Take the Browns to the Super Bowl
Often used interchangeably with the terms Prarie Dogging a peeker

Dude, go on to the front of the line. It looks like You've got Premake .

When you've got Premake that serious You may as well start thinking of names for what is sure to follow.
by Random Bastard January 08, 2012
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