person who consistly makes life difficult in little ways
please preetpal don't touch my broken glasses! (preet) no i can fix them, and then ends up making them worse thank you preetpal
by sukhiminder June 04, 2007
Top Definition
1. The most courageous and bad ass nigga to have ever walked the streets of Manchester in over 5 weeks.

2. A half man, half monkey, hung like a donkey with balls shaped like lemons.

3. A homosexual with no arms

4. Noun. To ejaculate in someones sleeping bag
1. "Damn that Preetpal's one scary ass mo fo!"

2. Little Jonny - "I wish I had lemon balls" Mum - "If you were a Preetpal you would have son... damn I could lick his balls all day"

3. P.U.F.F.A.G.G.O.T - Preetpal United Foundation For Armless Gays Getting On Topoftallbuildings

4. Small Joe "I tried to do a Preetpal on top of my roof, but I fell off coz I dont have any arms. Now I'm paralized from the neck down"
by Chris P Bacon May 04, 2005
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