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person who consistly makes life difficult in little ways
please preetpal don't touch my broken glasses! (preet) no i can fix them, and then ends up making them worse thank you preetpal
by sukhiminder June 04, 2007
14 9

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1. The most courageous and bad ass nigga to have ever walked the streets of Manchester in over 5 weeks.

2. A half man, half monkey, hung like a donkey with balls shaped like lemons.

3. A homosexual with no arms

4. Noun. To ejaculate in someones sleeping bag
1. "Damn that Preetpal's one scary ass mo fo!"

2. Little Jonny - "I wish I had lemon balls" Mum - "If you were a Preetpal you would have son... damn I could lick his balls all day"

3. P.U.F.F.A.G.G.O.T - Preetpal United Foundation For Armless Gays Getting On Topoftallbuildings

4. Small Joe "I tried to do a Preetpal on top of my roof, but I fell off coz I dont have any arms. Now I'm paralized from the neck down"
by Chris P Bacon May 04, 2005
36 12