A combination of Predictable and Ridiculous. When you know the outcome of a situation or event before it actually unfolds.
Alchoholic Friend: "I'm only drinking 3 shots out of this bottle."

12 hours later...

Alchoholic Friend: (Phone call) " My bail is $500, can you spot me?"

You: "Totally Prediculous!! Yes, I'll bail you out, jerk."
by King CJK December 12, 2010
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This word is a combo, if something is prediculous it is both predictable and ridiculous.
Cassie: Dude your so prediculous!
Karl: What do you mean???
Cassie: You always drink orange juice before you brush your teeth!
Karl: Ya well your prediculous because you always tell me that drinking orange juice before i brush my teeth is prediculous... (it continues)...
by irishdude November 30, 2006
It's When one doe's the same thing so often without change that they've become so Predictable that it's... Ridiculous!
A Person that often Wants to Go Out with Friends and Always Backs Out 9 outta 10 Times(they keep asking this person to do something but it never fails) backing out so much and has so many excuses that we some time Predict them before said person backs out that it's Ridiculous...
But it can be used in other instances like, wearing the same jeans, eating the same thing at a restaurant, ect... ie Prediculous.
by thaBBC February 15, 2010

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