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The exact meaning has long since been lost, but most can agree that the phrase "Oh prease," can be utilized in any way to say virtually anything.
Oh prease mah shiddy horse-boy prease
by TheLoudestFan October 27, 2008
used to indicate a lack of knowledge regarding the pronunciation and understanding of words in the English language, usually by older, Asian immigrants.
*man enters store
Store Owner: Oh, herro prease! New sale on tea, I give good priche! Best priche in town!
by nj94 March 08, 2011
noun: prick tease
"that girl is such a prease"
by PhantomGirl36 July 10, 2008
a word most niggas use instead of the word please
nigga 1: hey nigga pass that junt
nigga 2: Nigga prease you better pay me
by mikepettyson January 25, 2008
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