A ritual performed by heavy drinkers with a high tolerance for alcohol before going to a club in order to catch a buzz first to save money.
Damn, the cover at that club is gonna break me before I get in the door. I am gonna grab a bottle of cheap gin and a bottle of orange juice and get pre-wasted before I ante up.
by Tony Kessler July 26, 2009
Top Definition
Attempting to just have a couple drinks in the spirit of simply pre-gaming, but instead getting completely shitfaced before even leaving for the bars.
"Oh man, we all went to Rob's house to just hang out and have a couple beers but Mark was pre-wasted before we even called for a cab."
by k_mac September 17, 2008
Getting drunk before dinner, then sobering up while eating, only to get shit-faced again afterward.
I had a hard time getting a buzz on after dinner, because I was so pre-wasted.
by turbinepilot November 20, 2008
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