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Refers to a persons behavior during the period of time from when they decide to quit their job until they actually hand in their resignation. A person who has pre-quit is treated like a regular employee but they do not actually get a lot done ( or they get even less than usual done). Most of their time is spent preparing for their next gig. Their day is one entire work break.
"Hey, did you notice that Miller came in late today".

"Yes, he is pre-quit"
by BillShakespeare March 27, 2008
To stop doing something before you even start.
"Did you get the book report done that is due on friday?"
"Oh, I prequit reading that book last week."

"You haven't Cleaned the house at all."
"I prequit cleaning the house so I had enough energy to watch TV."
by Nate the skate November 19, 2009
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