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To set up an escape route for an upcoming event or function that you're not sure if you'd like to attend, but don't want to rule out completely.
I had to pre bail on my grandma's birthday party and told my mom I had a headache in case I can score a ticket to see Death Cab.
by Corrie Nichols August 28, 2006
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To drink so hard during the pre-gaming session you can't make it to the club.
Sorry Trista, I need to pre-bail on going out tonight because I drank to much.
by crashman0 February 23, 2008
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a sum of money given to a cop at the moment of arrest in exchange for a pardon.
"All I had was 1 dollar worth of prebail. I never had a chance convincing that cop to let me go."
by heythewhat January 17, 2012
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