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An awesome, unique name for awesome people
Dude, that guy is like a Prash!
by Peruvian Flute Band December 12, 2009
to involuntarily shit one's self
'that dude got so wasted, he passed out and prashed himself'
by tony danza April 24, 2004
1. noun A term used to describe a cross between a homosexual human and a bear who punishes others by pooing on its hand then throwing the faeces at them while ghostriding a car also known to dress like whores
2. verb to 'touch willies with'
3. Another spelling of the word trash.
1. James: 'there's poo everywhere'
Random Guy: 'yeah a prash was out of its cave again and i didn't want to disturb it'
James: 'Fair enough those things can kill you with one lethal swipe'
2. Look at those two guys prashing
3.Time to take out the prash
by robohenry December 07, 2010
A girl who is beatiful but degrades herself by dressing like a two-cent whore. (Pretty+Trash)Famous peices of prash include Christina Aguilera.
Wow, she has nice eyes. Too bad she dresses like total prash.
by Borden May 23, 2004