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Someone addicted to the sounds of progressive music. A person who listens to progressive music on a constant basis.
I saw this dude dancing during Sasha Kleinenberg, he was moving his bum like crazy what a pr0g wh0re
by John Digweed July 25, 2003
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smelly cunt with an apparant disability to move to music with a beat, and therefore prefer whale noises or minimal bass lines (breakdowns) with which to pull faces and throw ones arms into the air.
look a prog whore......

by markus November 27, 2003
person of limited intelligence who listens to incredibly dull big room style electronic music and thinks of dj's like rockstars.
dude sasha van oakenweed was totally dope last night, one of his breakdowns lasted like a half hour!
by beardsley November 27, 2003

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