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What Apple Computer's switched from after announcing new computers containing Intel microprocessors.

Used in high end servers, Legacy Apple Computers, Xbox 360, Nintendo Game Cube, Playstation 3 (Part of the Cell Microprocessor) and various Embedded devices.

Manufactured primarily by IBM and Motorola.
James: PowerPC RULEZ!
Steve: Then why doesn't Microsoft use it?
James: They use it in Xbox 360!
Steve: Okay, then why did apple STOP using it?
James: ...
Steve: It's okay man, denial is the first stage.
James: <cries>
by vaxt February 20, 2006
A RISC microprocessor architecture designed by a consortium headed by Apple, IBM and Motorola. Used in Apple Macintoshes and clones, Amiga processor upgrades, Genesi PEGASOS systems, IBM pSeries and RS/6000 servers, and Nintendo GameCubes.
The XBox 2 is going to use a PowerPC chip? Fat chance.
by Catherine of Sinai February 29, 2004
A type of processor used in newer Macintosh computers
"The new iMac has a PowerPC G4 processor
by Anonymous April 15, 2003