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Not to be confused with a "top" in homosexual sex, a "power top" is rougher, faster, harder, and oftentimes relentless in penetrating the receiver.
John's ex-boyfriend, Alex, was a top and gentle when penetrating him, but John's new boyfriend is a power top and penetrates him very rough, fast, and hard as a jack hammer.
by alleninseattle February 01, 2009
During sex between any two people; the person who is penetrating in an aggressive, insatiable, pleasurable way.

When Hosh and I get in bed, I'm the power top...I like giving it to Josh.
by suite1157 March 10, 2007
A gay man that only tops tops, even if they are total tops. This would imply a DOUBLEPLUS alpha-male syndrome.
«aqua_vitae» I'm a powertop.
«aqua_vitae» my bf was a top when i met him; hes never fucked me
by geebee June 16, 2004
A free computer program written by Intel to help reduce power consumption of laptops running the Linux operating system by changing certain hardware and software settings.
My laptop runs 30 minutes longer on a battery charge after powertop let the hard drive power down when I wasn't using it.
by some_user August 10, 2008
during homosexual sex, a "power top" is a "top" who can delay his orgasm for extended periods of time, and or able to maintain his erection long after his orgasm.
When John's new boyfriend Jim topped him for the first time and was able to keep going after he had an orgasm, John knew Jim was a power top.

Joe and Alex didn't believe Keith was a power top until they had a 3-way. Keith kept his erection and held his orgasm as they took turns bottoming for him until they both came.
by Topman2011 July 26, 2011
During homosexual sex between men; the person who is penetrating.
When Bill and I express our love for each other, I'm the power top...I like giving it to Bill.
by geosabroso August 13, 2006

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