Not wearing a bra under a low cut top at the office

Wilhelmina: Oh... Power Move!
by jfkjunior October 09, 2012
A really big poop that seems to take forever.
"You've been in the bathroom for an hour!"
"Leave me alone, I'm making a power move!"
by Marc_IRL October 23, 2013
When you get a girl in an awesomely epic way.
Joe couldn't get Jenny to leave with him after talking with her for awhile, but then John simply walked up, put his arm around her, and walked away with her. Power move!
by I<3badbitchezdatsmyf*inproblem September 07, 2013
A move which requires you to inject yourself upon a situation as to inconvenience everyone else involved, or to show your power over the situation. Especially when not required.
John crossed the road even though there was no crosswalk, just to make all the cars slow down. - Power Move
by The Real Rob Himself July 23, 2010
when makeing a move so epic it deserves the title POWER in front of it
dude i just got a bob marley tattoo

by power move himself March 09, 2010
An act or suggestion that will in hopes lead to any gains in happiness, popularity or money.
Ashley: Yo you like my new kicks?

Leo: Power Move

TPain: Yo I got some Tacos for our hangovers.

Leo: Exclusive Power Move!
by Leo J, the Kid July 19, 2009
When a girl asks a guy out instead of the other way around. Can be very disconcerting.
Whoa, she totally puled a power move on me last night.
by Matt I April 24, 2005

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