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Power is most simply defined in Physics as the rate at which work is done. More specifically, it's the ratio of work to time. See below for an interesting usage of "power."
<crazychik> i know i have all the power in our relationship
<geekguy> Power is work/time. And work is force*displacement. And since you never move off your fat ass, you're not causing any displacement, which in turn, means you have no power.
<crasychik> sha up nerd
by no_one_2000 January 09, 2005
The Act of Pooping and then Showering after, all in one bathroom visit.
Boss: “why were you late?”
You: “I had a ton of taco bell before bed and when I woke up, Instead of just showering, I had to poop before!”
Boss: “Oh so you were late because you had to Power!”
You: “Power?”
Boss: “Ya’Know Power, Pooping and Showering equals Power
You: “Yeah I guess you could call it that.”
Boss: “Next, time just let me know, taking a power is always a valid excuse!"
by tbob15cp October 23, 2011
Something men seek when they can't get a girl.
I know when I'm talking about. Power!
by willywannabite September 03, 2007
street name for 2c-p, a psychedelic that lasts twice as long as acid.
Boy: hey you want some acid?
Girl: nah fool ive been power tripping all day
by Lookmaan Islam March 25, 2011
Almost as if unbelievable or impossible. Refering to an incredible feat, feeling, place,event, etc.
Those seats at the game were power.
by Ginalicious April 11, 2008
a prefix which means extra, or to a large extent of.

A synoym of extra.
"Yo dawg, I was power-happy when my grandma made bacon and eggs for breakfast."

"Yo man, you're science project is power-tight."

"I'm power-tired from walking my dog all around my culda-sack."
by hippieslay September 08, 2009
Ali- "where did u get those power sneakers bro?"
Danbrown- "oh i got em at footlocker."
by straight ass teeth September 12, 2007
what we (the people) are fighting for every day
we need to take the power back
by iron manxfb July 28, 2006
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