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A hockey forward who plays with tremendous grit and physicality and is talented in muscling his/her way through traffic
Some premier power forwards in the NHL today: Joe Thornton, Rick Nash, Brendan Shanahan, Jarome Iginla and Todd Bertuzzi
by joventino October 07, 2007
A basketball player also noted as a "4" or "PF". They are commonly large players tasked with playing in the low post to grab rebounds, block shots, score and/or defend.

However, the typical power forward has evolved into being a more well-rounded player who is not only capable of the aforementioned duties but also able to shoot a midrange jumper, pass and/or defend attackers at the wing.

Many power forwards can also play the "Center" or "Small Forward" position.
Some of the NBA's greatest power forwards: Karl Malone, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Charles Barkley, Kevin McHale and Wes Unseld
by joventino October 07, 2007