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A young boy on sailing ships similar to the peg boy who instead of reciving anal pleasures would distribute gun powder to batteries of cannon durring a sea going battle
I bet the little powder monkey has to sleep with two hands on his ass and one eye open
by BostonBySea January 12, 2006
A Caucasian male that acts like a gangster or a nigger.

See: Wigger.
Anonymous 1: Hey bro, do you see that white guy hanging out with those niggers?
Anonymous 2: Yeah, what a powder monkey.
by Anonafuck May 09, 2013
A strange little man that sneaks up behind small children and screams "Y halo thar buttsekz!!!11!1!!!11 I r teh u1tim4t3 h4><0r! PWN3D!11!1!!!!1" A common character of bedtime stories.
The little boy was walking through the deep dark woods when the pedophile Powder Monkey jumped out behind him and screamed "Y HALO THAR BUTTSEKZ!!"
by Powder Monkey February 01, 2004
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