A gathering of people to smoke marijuana
Why don't we make a powwow over Eddie's house before the party
by Rod Santos February 07, 2006
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The congregation of a group of gangstas discussing important aspects of life. (Usually having the focus of making money).
"We gots ta have a pow wow wit dem niggas up da block to figure out how we's gonna make mo paepa."
by Makin Cake May 30, 2006
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when a couple bros come over to match you. Passin the peace pipe with some homies.
"yo dudes come on over for a pow wow, i got some chron"
by Brian el gato August 02, 2006
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a gathering on a softball dimond in the center at the pitchers mound when the coach comes out and tells the infeilders you need to work threw this. Sometimes he may yell at them. Some girls on the other team may have a cheer and be yelling it threw the whole thing.
There is a pow wow on the mound.
by I AM BOB THE BUILDER April 06, 2009
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another term for powder, a.k.a. cocaine.
Dude, I was fucked up last night, I got on way too much pow wow.
by julesjames January 29, 2009
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A group of nerds getting together to play World of Warcraft.
Griego and Gertner have a pow wow at their house.
by Nanodefex August 02, 2005
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An Exorcism For Crabs.
Hey Ben, Come On Over And We'll Have A Pow Wow.
by shobadopee12345 March 02, 2011
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