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A euphamism for wifebeating from "Honeymooners".
One of these days, Alice, one of these days. Pow! Right in the kisser! Bang! Zoom! To the moon, Alice, to the moon!
by Doug March 12, 2004
actually, it's a quote originally from the honeymooners, aka alice and ralph, which the show Family Guy seems to make fun of quite a bit.
One a these days Alice, one of these days... POW! Right in the Kisser!
#bam #pow #bash #bop #beep #boop
by bandaid man December 11, 2005
While getting a blow job right as you cum you pull out and blow your load on her face and yell "Pow right in the kisser"
Right after johnny blew his load he yelled Pow right in the kisser.
#kisser #pow the #bellie to bellie your girlfriend #hell
by Shaunizzle March 17, 2007

Used to describe a situation as follows.

1. After performing a handjob, and the hand is covered in jizz, the giver procedes to smush their hand in the reciever's face.

2. Nothing to do with John Wayne.
1. After Julie gave Timothy a good time, she said "Pow, right in the Kisser!" and rubbed Tim's own juices in his face.

2. Pow right in the kisser is entirely unrelated in all ways to John Wayne.
#handjob #semen #jizz #love-juice #embarrassment #finishing move
by Mmm... December 08, 2005
Originally from Family Guy.
It means to cum in someones mouth =D
... POW! Right in the Kisser! (theres no example i can think of)
#blow job #pound sand #turtle jerk #can sometimes be spelled like pow right in the kisser #.
by IMbeterthanYOU! November 29, 2005
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