An endearing term for vagina.

Listen, see if you not gonna settle down I'm a gonna put my piesh in your pous, huh?

Other acceptable spellings: poose, puse
by Alister Aliwicious Brunswick February 27, 2008
Top Definition
One who is a pussy or an asshole, or just generally wimpy.
Josh Martin from Enterprise, Alabama is a pous pous pousiah. (The ultimate in pous.)
by Sunshine May 07, 2004
Something unappealing

Synonym: Gay
Mr. Shiavone: Show all your work...includidng unneccessary steps
Us:Shiavone, your so pous.
by Meme! October 28, 2006
Typically referred to as a girls vaginal region in Australian teen culture.
Allan flies the pous train
by Infxnity October 28, 2014
1. the soft fatty part of a female cat's underbelly where she has nipples and would carry her litter.
2. a cat's nickname
1. Kitty laid down on her side and wanted her pous rubbed.
2. She's a sweet little pous.
by Miss Kitty Pous November 23, 2007
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