a highly camp gay guy in denial. he claims to be straight but once you go to kiss him, he'll run away & ignore you. he doesn't believe is sex before marriage either...
*kisses pouffe*
"i'm... GOTTA GO"

two months later of not talking to him...
msn name is...
by loveisanumber August 08, 2005
Top Definition
A small puffy foot stool generally made of leather with legs of its own like a miniature chair. Named by the French which explains everything.
sit down, relax, and put your feet on the pouffe
by zisenuren May 15, 2006
French word to define a "Fake" and stupid girl.
Fake nails, fake lashes, fake hair.
Une de ces pouffes, mon gars ! J'avais envie de la tarter !
She's such a Fake, Dude ! I just wanted to punch her !
by MHK t'encastre November 07, 2012
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