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The whole of a girls lower private buttidity: both the pee flower (vagina) and the diarrhea release button up beneath her butty: the one flower that they holy totally deprivacize pulling their pants down and sitting it holy totally perverted amusingly bare down onto that magic heavenly chair.
girl: I just love my potty flower so much. It's so beautiful and nourishing and I just get so excited when I deprivacize it to sit it naked on that magical miraculous heavenly chair to do my potty, yet even though my pantsies are down with my potty flower naked I still have all my clothes on just like I do when I'm out there in the world with all the other strangers.
#kom chimb #butty #pee flower #booty #vaginee
by skankyelectricguy1 August 06, 2010
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