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a legendary samurai reincarnation, born in the 20th century, the potato samurai has uncanny skills which include but are not limitted to being able to hit any potato, anywhere, at any speed, and splatter it. it is alleged that the potato samurai has riden on top of busses, jumped from multiple story buildings, and stuck a chilli on his own eye. the pubic hair of the potato samurai is his most formidable defence, no waxing strip can remove it.the potato samurai is believed to have been born to a german family in australia but they realized they had birthed the chosen one when he came out with slanty eyes.
"hurry up and mash the potato mum, or ill get the potato samurai to do it"

adam: "do you want sand in your pocket!"
andrew: ""i'll get the potato samurai onto you"
adam: "here is my wallet".
by potato samurai October 19, 2009
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