someone who pretends to be/like something that they know nothing about.
Me: What's your favorite song from their old album?
Annoying Girl: uh, misery business
Me: no, old album
Annoying Girl: Paramore has an old album?
Me:You are such a poser!
#poser #annoying #people #paramore #pop
by ferrsure July 10, 2008
1.Someone who tries to be popular by looking or acting like someone else. Sometimes, NOOBS are also called posers when they act like other people in the group without a hint of autheniticy. Happens in most common style groups like Goth, Punk, Wigger (Chav), and most infamously, Prep and Pop culture.

2. A character, show, or actor that doesn't have a clue of being individually styled.
Johnny is still a poser to the prep kids after he tried to wear the same brands as every one else.

Hot Topic was one of the most feared poser-stores to both true Punks and Goths alike.
#poser #wigger #chav #pop #prep #punk
by Sasquatch_Rebel April 30, 2008
Someone who pretends to be what they aren't to get what they want. Usually, they prefer to back stab friends and then say that that person is a poser when in fact, they themselves are a poser.
Allison: You died your hair red to look like someone from a book!
Valerie: *cough* First, her hair is brown. Second, you died your hair the same color right after I did!
Allison: Like whatever poser. *snap fingers* *lots of girls who look the same pop-up* Like, we're leaving.
Valerie: Good luck with that.
#poser #allison #poer #valerie #prep
by I'm a goth. Got a problem? March 13, 2008
A person that is unable to face a person so they send someone else bugged up to talk to u instead.
"I Know sense we don't want to talk to joe let's send some posers too talk for us."
#oh #please #go #mess #with #someone #else
by joe1967 December 07, 2007
Someone who spends all or most of their time trying to find out whats "cool" or "in". Once they know what is "in" they do it no matter what their personal veiws on it are. Posers usually pose off of what is on MTV or VH1 or their local "hot" radio station, because they think they will be accepted for it. Normally posers also take whatever they are posing off of to an abnormal and unhealthy extreme. Posers change their style to fit what's "cool". They are usually the losers who have a myspace and comment the people who origionally wore the style they pose off of saying "I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!<33" even though they either don't know them, or the origional hates them. Posers often have "myspace pics" or "emo pics" on their myspace. They are often always hated by everyone else they know except their poser friends. Posers also sometimes write and/or talk in "internet lingo" while not on the internet. Most also over use the famous comeback of "your mom".
skater:Hey man, nice board.
poser:Dude, thanks! I bought it last week!
skater:Um... it looks just like mine.
poser:Dude, I know, it's totally sweet, right?!
skater:Uh yeah? What tricks can you do?
poser:I can.. um. Almost do that jumpy-thingy.
skater: *under breath and rolls eyes* Poser.

OMFG, lyke, dude. ok. so i listened to Panic! at the disco lst nite and lyke, OMFG they are so fxqing amzzing! lyke i cnt beleeve it tht thyr tht gooood! lyke im sooo punk/emo nd i ddnt no tht thy wer tht good! but now i DO! anywayzzz i just cmmntd u to say thx 4 tellin me bout thm. I<3U!! cmmnt bak.. kthxbi

um. When did I tell you about P!ATD? And why are you just finding out about them now? They've been out for like, 2 years now.. maybe 2 and a half.

Oh.. i saw them on ur ipod ystrday on da bussss nd i thot id look thm up. thx.


kid: Shut up, poser. You're fat.
poser: Your mom is fat!
poser: Your mom kicks your ass!
crowd: Wtf?
kid: Wtf? Poser. Shut up.
poser: Your mom shuts up!
#pathetic #sad #stupid #annoying #life-less
by Jessicaa February 19, 2007
One of the most overused, meaningless, and shittiest words used in our society today. Here are the posers:
1: Someone who tries to be something they're not. Ex. A goth who pretends to be a punk or vice-versa.
2: A shitty label for a band such as Good Charlotte. People who use this word on "poser-punk" bands have no idea that they are not posers, and even if they were, who cares? Being a poser has nothing to do with music. Real posers are singers/bands that claims to be something else.
3: A puzzling question.
poser = Avril Lavigne, Hilary Duff, Bowling for Soup

not a poser = Blink-182, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan

I listen to and enjoy ALL of the bands I just mentioned. Even the posers.
#avril lavigne #hilary duff #bowling for soup #blink-182 #good charlotte #simple plan
by I LISTEN 2 EVERYTHING July 29, 2006
Anyone that is insecure about who they are inside. People that arent sure what they want to be like and are trying to blend in. Usually, you can tell right off the bat who is a poser. I have a friend that dresses ghetto-like, skates horribly and trys to blend in with us rockers.
Those posers are damn jocks, I HATE JOCKS!
by mask824 ooblajoobla September 21, 2005
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