originated between the `60s and `70s(so its not true that blink is the father of all punks,what the fuck?who would beleive that,posers surely!oh my god thats bad,bullshit!),a trendie,a a puss brained bastard,well maybe the spirit of the real punks are dead,there`s still some great punk bands out there like rancid,bad religion and NOFX.well ders so many poers out there,yeah and they are the kids between the ages of 12-20,and they will not know what punk trully means untill they get older.
a good example of a trendie is a person who calls his fellow a person a poser,there`s so many reason why he called him a poser,for example his jealous because the fellow wears shit and stuffs and shit and he really looks like a punk than him,so he call him a poser cause he`s jealous,what a pity!well maybe theres no more real punks out here(but maybe only a few left)until the late `90s,what is left are offsprings,it transformed and mixed with other genres,just like humans,you cant go back to the time when people still wears formal clothings,go home early and have a sense of humor,so maybe its not dead because of fucking trendies,it just mutated to another(lets say version) of music(well not 100% punk,maybe 20% punk or less).there is no punkier than the other,its not a fashion,its a way of life,its a music written to the people who can see somethings wrong,I`ll mis those guys who made this wonderful shit,even though i`m not born by that time,let `em say what they wann say about you,live your life the way you want it,there is no boundaries just like punkrock,you dont have to put metal spike and shits on your body(well its not bad to wear those),its the way of living,its being active and being alert to whats happening around you,punk will always be punk,no matter where you mix it,where you put it,no matter what genre its in,its still punk(and so are mall punks,fucking trendies),dont be so stupid searching for old school punk bands to fit in,you know what i mean....no dress code,no music code,dressing like formal a geek doesnt mean youre not a punk,listening to other genres doesnt mean youre not a punk,and i believe to that when the time they attached the word rock to punk,thats when the time it died,(I`ve been trying to tell you the two`s not the same you sick bastards!) fuck you all!!!!
you dont have to be a poser punk,its in the way of living,if you still acn understand what i mean,fuck off you mall punk,go pose some whereelse,I fucking hate you all!posers are are fuckheads
#poser #poseurs #trendie #prepp #faggots
by imustbedreaming December 08, 2005
Top Definition
People who think that they are punks but are really just trying to be. The mistake they make is to try to become a punk. Punks are all about not trying to be anything and following your own rules. there is no fashion code to being a punk. there are no rules as to what bands you have to listen to. GC and Simple Plan are ruining Punk because they are posers. One popular band comes out that wears black trenchcoats and spiky hair and nail polish and tatoos come out, and people assume they are punks. these bands are mis-representing themselves and the punk community. people are getting the wrong idea of what punk is.
poser punk: shops at hot topic, wears label shirts;vans, ae,etc. follows any hint of a fashion trend, wears a shirt that says punk on it, thinks all punk is about is breaking rules and acting badass.
real punk: someone true to who they are, who doesn't take any crap from anyone, who recognizes the flaws of society, who isn't afraid to be unique and wouldn't be caught dead being called a label.
by REALPUNKSDONTPOSE October 07, 2004
the word poser says it all.
oohh guess what.. i wear BLACK and have SAFETY PINS stuck all over my clothes. woowwww... i must be a punk! who knew?

*go figure!*
by zero star July 25, 2004
trendy bastards that have rich parents and want to be noticed.and they might have a half mohawk.
you.your dog.your mom.
by no November 19, 2003
Hilary Duff acting/being punk
She thinks she so punk by wearing converse and black clothes and a studded belt.. Oh wow shes so punk..Not
by shut_up_x August 16, 2005
Not being yourself!
I can't afford to shop at Hot Topic anyways.
by Bob's Daughter March 02, 2004
almost every1 who has written a definition on this website for "poser Punk." they are saying that being punk has no fashion code and you arent defined by the music you listin to. yet they call people posers for shopping at hot topic and listining to SP and GC. i personally dont like those bands but that dusnt mean that someone who does is a poser. every1 says that being punk is about being your self and not caring about what others think of them. how do you know that people who like those stores and bands arent being them selves? your creating a stereo type and a fashion code just by posting those definitions. and you are doing EXACTLY what you say punks dont do. stop being so judgemental. music and clothes dont define a person. only their personality does.
poser punks are judgemental on other peoples clothing, music style, and other stupid things like that. honestly, who cares what a person wears or listins to.
#poser #stereotypical #judgemental #hypocrits #punk
by sarahm.p.14 June 20, 2006
someone who takes all of their opinions from other people. They always try to do the "cool" thing. they need to learn to think for themselves

John is a poser because, he can't think for himself
by RudeBoy March 16, 2004
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