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a porkhead is a derogatory word used to diss members of the bloods gang.
Porkheads never get it craccin cuz.
by slang game September 11, 2007
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A "poor kid"...
Basically, if you say that really fast, it sounds like porkhead.
Sandy: I mean, seriously...he's so strange.

Brandee: Poor kid...

Sandy: Did you just say "porkhead"?!

Brandee: Sure Sandy, he's a porkhead...
by Brandee & Sandy November 19, 2007
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A variant of the term meathead to describe a oafish friend with poor judgement, quickly becoming a nickname. Invented in Olympia, Washington in 1967, this nickname can simply be "Pork". Also derived from the cartoon figure "Porky Pig".
Hey, Porkhead, how come you can't think about the consequences of your actions?
by ThornOfMalice November 18, 2011
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