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A pork noodle is a child who is kind of a slob, but is your blood relative. It is an endearing way of describing a kid who is a hog when it comes to food, and selfish when it comes to giving and helping out others in need. Pork noodles usually do what is only good for them, and they disregard the wishes of their family members. If there is delicious food in the refrigerator that does not belong to them, they will go ahead and eat all of it without asking other people if it is alright to do so.
How is my little pork noodle doing?
by Wild Bill Jr April 20, 2008
(pôrk'nōōd'l) n. A flaccid penis.
I just got my porknoodle caught in my zipper while taking a piss.
by Tommy Ragu December 17, 2007
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