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ejaculate/s, assorted body fluids!

-surely you're familiar with 'beef' by-products'??? i hope so, because even though i'm familiar with the term, after some 40 odd years, i still don't know exactly what they are??

one would find this term on the ingredients of something like say, "potted meats". -sounds like a 'marketeer special' term to me!...i guess in actuality, they would be chopped up animal buttles, or something close.

-either of these, 'pork' OR 'beef' by-products would make a 'dreamy' rock band name!! -any takers?? (of course, you won't want to publish this def. anyway, because its' too fucking good!!)
at carla's, i had to ask for a 'rag' to mop up the pork by-products!

he got pork by products all over his sheets, his 'jammies', his wall; everywhere........!
by michael foolsley February 07, 2010

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