get hard, become erect, refers to a penis
pick up line:
"Hey baby why dont you come sit on my lap and we'll talk about the first thing that pops up"
by Lila January 17, 2004
A foldable camper that kicks ass. A place for teens to smoke, drink, and get high off their ass! I definitely wanna road trip that thing.
"Yo, let's go get baked in the popup! Then we can get drunk too!" - EVERYONE
by Nail January 09, 2005
An advertisement that pops up on your computer screen when you least expect it.
This pop-up stopper is a joke!
by Jesse August 11, 2003
A ball hit high in the infield.
Silly Jim Hunter, pop-ups aren't to the warning track!
by Bobby Busch Bang July 04, 2006

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