A word that my wife from Minnesotta and some of her family thinks is the name of a tree. The name of the tree is actually poplar, but those folk from the upper midwest have lazy toungues I guess.
Oh look honey, there is a popple tree. DOH
by Scott July 31, 2004
THE GREATEST SHADOW THIEF EVER!! FREE HEE HEEE!! XD He appears on Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, and many people call him cute. His short temper makes him awesome, and his wide, evil, sneaky grin makes him look awesome. XD
"I'll be taking this, see?"
by Bootiful June 13, 2004
A Gollum like creature who lives in cupboards and in pipes. He is a slimy stinky sack and known as "Sir Stinkyface Mankeypants"
Alasdair Percy Henry Winkle Popple
by Anon December 20, 2004
worlds greatest name and also a teddy
wow ur great
by STEVE P September 15, 2003

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