a word used in Lupe Fiasco's "Dumb it Down" where the lyric goes like this: You putting me to sleep nigga (dumb it down) thats why you ain't poppin in the streets nigga (dumb it down). It is a word that despite desperate searches on Urban Dictionary the meaning in that context cannot be found
Guy 1: I have no idea what "poppin" in Dumb it Down means.
Guy 2: It is because you're white.
Guy 1: Oh...do you know?
Guy 2: No, I'm white too.
Guy 1: Damn this elusive definition
by dat1coolkidd July 10, 2008
A way to say ''What's new?'' or ''How's it going?' Used by ganstas, black people, and wiggers
Yo Jermaine, whats poppin?
by DizzyLizzy November 17, 2006
a word for bloods to say whats up
What's poppin blood?
by Chico December 08, 2004
sex related word. When used in a question it can mean "when are we gonna have sex?" or in a statement "Let's have sex"
"When we gonna get it poppin ma?"
"As soon as i get some condoms b"
by kayslay July 17, 2005
doing your thing, whatever it is you do
"I've been poppin since kindergarden, yous a lame ta me" T.I.
by Big Dirty(Joppa Smoot) December 13, 2004
To ejaculate viciously, within a close proximity of food or person.
Red be poppin' in the pickles at Burger King.
by ExMortis June 22, 2007
Some one whose pants dont reach thurr shoes is said to be poppin. High Waters.
Hey, Andrew why are u popiin the flood was yesterday.
by Chaz April 29, 2005

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