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Pertaining to the nylon hoisery worn by women, under slacks, when they are fairly certain they will be not be having sex and therefore the offending items will not be seen.
"Mother Theresa, here's your 20 denier flesh coloured pop socks, love."
by Kieranishere November 04, 2005
Where during intercourse, the penis is of large proportion in relevance to the interior of the vagina or other cavity that it is being inserted into, and the intercourse is continued, causing the head of the penis to be ruptured or even the skin around the penis to be rubbed raw to a painful and even dangerously bloodied state in which medical attention is needed.
"David had a popsock when he went home with Angela."
"Timmy G. is prone to haveing popsock."
by NapalmRequiem July 26, 2013
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