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Verb- When a male individual pops the tip of his genital and after waiting several seconds, flops out the remainder including his testicles.
Tracy:"Hey Betty, isnt that your husband doing the pop n flop?"
by horsemilk123.4 February 25, 2009

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Verb. To culminate sexual intercourse by a male by ejaculation internally in the receiving partner's mouth, then slapping the receiving partner's face before the penis becomes flaccid.
"Why are Cindy's cheeks all red?"
"Her b.f. likes to 'pop 'n flop'."
"Why are her cheeks still red?"
"He just popped in to pop 'n flop her 5 minutes ago!"

My bette let's me pop 'n flop so long as I don't Donkey Punch her.

"So janey likes the pop 'n flop?"
"She loves the 'pop,' I like the 'flop!'"
by Billy Beck O'Hannity March 31, 2010