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a bad ass song by Uffie.
example on youtube. search pop the glock
by Sessee August 29, 2007
To shoot a pistol or other small gun.
1. Yo I'm gonna pop the glock on that hoe.
by Chloe White April 16, 2006
to shoot with a handgun sb
John: Just pop the glock man, he's no good to live
Will: I don't know John, I think he knows sth we don't
by Tzitzelayana April 20, 2008
A phrase used to tell someone to
a)Go die.
b) Mind your business
c) Get a life
Person 1: OMG, I hate Ms. Olkiewicz, she failed me again!
Person 2: Yo, tell that bitch to Pop the Glock!
by Ozker May 27, 2008