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Getting a boner at random times for no specific reason.
The class laughed loudly when they saw that Ronnie had caught a long pop fly during class.
by MikeInBrazil69 December 22, 2009
This refers to the baseball euphemism for sex. 1st= kissing, 2nd= touching boobs, 3rd= touching genitals, and a home run would be sex.
A pop fly=oral sex. A pop fly can be hit at any time and does not always fall in line with "bases," as is the case with oral sex; it can come at any time, usually after 2nd or 3rd. It can also occur after a home run is scored.
"So, did you get any this weekend?"

"I rounded 3rd. On our next date I'm gonna try to hit a pop fly."
by 5279 February 25, 2008
When you jack off and sperm straight up into the air then try to turn around fast enough to catch it in your ass.
That dude can pop fly with the best of them
by cptrnet July 06, 2006
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