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When you make an okay symbol with your hand to symbolize everything is all good.
Just fell on the floor .. pop a trace

Just pissed myself .. pop a trace
#pop #a #motha #fickin #trace
by raquelleXD October 01, 2013
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How white people say "Pop a Tres".
It is simply the OK sign, a gang sign,or Illuminati with the 666 formation.What ever you see it as.
It involves your pointer finger touching your thumb,making a O , while you pop up three fingers.
Hence...POP A Tres.
Tres is three in Spanish.
That is why people think it's "trace" if you say tres like a non Spanish speaker.
The origins are unknown but likely came from a spanish gang.
EX: *Sees friend looking at you for the signal to start streaking across the school with just a thong...pop a tres that dude.
EX: To make sure these homies know I'm part of their turf...I gotta Pop a Tres.
EX: OMG! Like Sammy! James from the Janoskians look pretty fit in this picture like omg! Pop a TRACE!
EX: Pop a Tres for the Illuminati.
#pop a trace #janoskians #pop a tres #ok sign #illuminati
by Leeroy5678 October 14, 2013
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