a word meaning 'stupid, idiotic, "gay", unfair, etc etc...' often used to describe a situation rather than a person. sometimes can be used instead of saying "what balls!" as "what poose!"
person: "hey, can you come over today?"
friend: "no, my mom won't let me. she says i have to clean my room"
person: "what? ugh. thats mad POOSE."

person: "so yesterday i got in school detention for coughing."
friend: "what POOSE!"
by codename_lily May 26, 2008
to seek sexually satisfaction from women by tellin them any thing thay want to hear, being a slimey cunt.

the practice of seeking sexuall satisfaction from many women

yeah im on the poose too man, big time
by psychobabble the mc September 12, 2009
to flirt/pull someone of the opposite sex
"mate you should have seen the girl i poosed last night"
"im defo going to get my poose on tonight"
"who are you poosing at the moment"
by Dr Poose June 05, 2009
The answer to many of life's big questions.
Should we go to a gay club??
I'm not sure, do you have your gay poose with you?

by Ashley Poose Stewart January 17, 2009
1. The slang term used to describe the byproduct of when one is emitting fecal matter from their rectum, at the same time as they are releasing urine. It is derived from the combination of the slang terms, "poot" and "piss".
1. "Man, Elaine left some rank poose in your toilet"
2. "I got so scared, that I poosed my pants"
by Geoffrey Arkansas October 04, 2006
a wonderful and cute way to call the person you love
hi poose baby!
you're such a cute wittel poose!
by poose June 16, 2006
A person's place of residance.
yo let's goto matt's poose and pack a binger.
by Lux February 25, 2004
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