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An alternate term for resin; specifically, the resin left behind on smoking paraphernalia as a by-product of cannabinoid consumption.
In desperate times, Dangus often found himself smoking poor man's hash off of old pipe screens as ghetto wind chimes rang out in the distance, a sure sign that cracktivities were transpiring on the stinking streets of Memphis.
by hecktor dangus April 13, 2010
Poor Man Hash

1) The process of scraping burnt rez out of your bowl/pipe/bong, and then proceeding to prepare the rez as you would hash. Good for when you're out of bud
2) How I got ripped off from Jake for my entire sophomore year.
"Bro, I got some killer hash" proceeds to smoke
"Nah son, you that poor man's hash."
by Kush Master January 30, 2014
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