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Itchy, crusty and stinky residue left over on the underside of the scrotem, usually do to an improper back-to-front wipe motion (for those who actually use toilet paper). It demonstrates extremely poor hygiene and is found to cross all racial and ethnic origins.
I was about to get a blowjob until she found out I had poopy nuts. Now I will never get any play because she told all her friends. Maybe I should try switching it up. I heard that gay men love poopy nuts.
by Jack M. Hoffer December 01, 2007
1. A condition caused from gay anal sex where fecal material runs down the back of the scrotum.

2. A condition caused by fecal material in your pants that is pressed into the scrotum.
1. After Dave pulled his cock out of Matt's ass, he noticed Matt had poopynuts.

2. Matt shit his pants while stalking people in his truck. He then said to himself,"Great, now I've got poopynuts!".
by Frank Enbeens May 12, 2007
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