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1. n. A smear of fecal matter left on a toilet bowl after use, usually from the spiraling motion of the feces while flushing. The most popular methods of removal are: a second flush, or cleaning with a toilet brush or plunger. Alternatively, if accurate enough, males can use the force of urine to dislodge the remaining excrement during the next urination.

2. n. Smears of fecal matter left on underwear after use, usually from the underwear wearer failing to remove the feces from the ass crack after a doogen.
The poopskid left on Saturday morning was probably black because of all the beers I drank Friday night. I left it on the toilet to gross out my roommates.
by theCougAbides April 06, 2006
Tiny pieces of shit coming out of your ass and leaving skid marks inside of your toilet.
Dude I just took a shit and left a poop skid in the toilet.
by Sabresfan11 January 05, 2011
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