Poops is this kid I went to high school with who pooped his pants in 6th grade and ever since then everyone calls him poops.
Hey poops why'd you poop yourself?
by Don Smelhorn April 02, 2003
1. a rock solid or slimy peice of matter u can leave in the toilet for kindergarteners to look at.
2. something u call anyone.
3. something little kids think is a very naughty word...
1. "Ew...Chris left a piece of poop that looks like a banana!" "Wats it taste like?" "hold on, let me check."
2. Ryan, ur such a piece of poop.
3. "Aw..poop"
by Chet and Josh November 01, 2004
Poop: (aka: Shit, Mr. Big, Butt-Mud)

A smelly, oily substance thats is usually created by eating McDonalds, or an intoxicated late night binge at the local Taco Bell. Discharged from Uranus, "poop" is usually identified by it's offensive smell, and color changing appearence.
(Colors can very from "Baby Poo Brown", "Rum Bum Black", "Beer Butt Yellow" or the dreaded "Fuck me, I cant remember anything about last night, accept I killed a hooker, ate her brains, and took a poop in her mouth Green")
by MC KILLBOT 5000 September 25, 2005
1. hideous logs of different shapes and sizes that can be brown, green, black, or even red if you try hard enough. it also smells.

2. a popular spongebob acronym.

3. a funny word
1. My mom forgot to flush her poop down the toilet.

2. Squidward, just remember: POOP!

3. Your face reminds me of poop.
by Hugh Jbut March 29, 2007
An item that is commonly used in comical senses. Also used to disgust wife/friends/neighbors etc. Makes a great gift in a bag.
Hey Bill come check out this poo in here!
by Kyle January 13, 2005
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