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a word that caters to anything you want it to be. Usually could be interpreted as "that's nonsense". Often spelled as two words--poopscotch.
1 "Final exams are poop scotch"
2. "wow, your acting like poop scotch right now.."
3. Pooper McGavin is a great golfer, but right now he is playing like poop scotch"
by samstown1 May 09, 2010
an explicative used when something bad has happened to you, but you dont think is very important.
Did i just get shot in the leg? Poopscotch!
by redbomber0 October 11, 2005
The stain left on you undies/panties after wearing them.
Damn babe, from the looks of that poopscotch you must have been eating meatloaf all day!
by Chuck Bucket March 31, 2005
Noun: a no good, ditry, rotten person (dirt bag)
Verb: to get the best, (serve), or (dis) someone or something.
You are a Poop Scotch, Dam Homie you just got Poop Scotched!!, I'm gonna Poop Scotch me a deal on them Rims.
by Caroline Forseth April 09, 2008
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